Next of AIMP for Windows

Despite the fact that we were focused on mobile version of the app as most popular today, development of the PC version has not been stopped.


In v4.70 that will be released in this year we plan to improve usability to operate the files in playlist and music library. Additionaly, we plan to enhance the Information Bar and other standard plugins. After start of v4.70 public beta-testing, we will start development of next major version of player – v5.00.

We are planning to update UI according to today trends, enhance the skin engine (including new features and performance improvements), also – re-write the Scheduler plugin from scratch to resolve all current limitations, make it possible to build complex solutions, and make appoinments powerful and fully customizable.

Next of AIMP for Android

One month ago we have published survey asking “which of the features are most required for you in mobile AIMP?”. Now survey has been finished, its time to summarize the results.

Survey Results

In total, 365 participated in the survey, among Russian-speaking audience is 288, and English-speaking audience is 77.

Votes among English-speaking audience:

Votes among Russian-speaking audience:



Next update for v3.00 that has been released not so long time ago, will include a new skin chooser dialog like it implemented in version for Windows.

Next minor update will be focused to usability of favorites and bookmarks (both for manually created and for automatically created). Additionally, we want to implement an ability (optional, of course) to create bookmarks automatically for each track like in video players.

According to survey results, clouds support will be a next feature to implement.

According to survey results, again, next feature to implement is tag editing feature. We will implement simple version of tag editor that will allow to edit general tag fields including album art and lyrics tag fields.

The fourth-generation of mobile player will be focused to music library. According to survey results and feedback from users, old-school approach is not useful for most people, additionally, some people completely misunderstand this approach.


Note that the roadmap is not final and may be corrected and extended during development or by external factors. Who knows what breaking changes will be introduced in Android 11?